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Anglais PHOTOBOLSILLO : nophoto photobolsillo (édition en anglais)


The collective began taking shape round about 2004 when a series of meetings were organized, with an open and diverse set of guidelines, in which a number of photographers exhibited their work, sharing a common vision on photography and creation. Shortly thereafter the members of the core group decided to make a joint effort to create an "unconventional" agency which would rely on no external bodies but rather be rigorously autonomous, creating a platform of its own. From that point onwards the collective has grown, proving that more than an agency NOPHOTO is an "attitude". This book brings together a series of photographs by its current members but also by those who were part of the collective at some point, before carrying on with their solo careers: Jorquera, Paco Go mez, Eva Sala, Juan Santos, Juan Valbuena, Carlos Sanva, Juan Milla s, Tanit Plana, MartaSoul, Mati as Costa, Jona s Bel, Rafael Trapiello, Carlos Luja n, Eduardo Nave and In aki Domingo.

Categories : Arts et spectacles > Arts de l'image > Photographie > Biographies / Monographies

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