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Azores (ang)


The Azores, previously known primarily in connection with weather maps, has drawn more and more visitors in recent years. Nine different islands of volcanic origin belong to this archipelago, which, politically, belongs to Portugal. Corvo, the smallest of the Azores, measures only 17 square kilometres, compared to São Miguel at 757. The island of Pico contains the highest mountain of Portugal, which bears the same name as the island and stands at 2351 m. Sheer coasts and white beaches, picturesque fishing villages, wonderful lakes, lots of wind and a rich array of flowers attract island enthusiasts with a yearning for exploration.
The author, Dr. Hannelore Schmitz, has selected a variety of 40 tours for this Rother Walking Guide, spanning from the largest to the smallest of the Azores. The diverse range stretches from coastal walks with the option of bathing, to walks around Caldiera and island crossings, to an ascent of Pico. On the island of São Jorge, the Fajãs, with their fertile plains at sea level, surrounded by cliffs, are especially inviting for walking. Blessed by the climate, even tropical fruit thrives in some of these flourishing gardens.
The tour recommendations of this handy walking guide, described in detail, are generously illustrated with colour photos. For easy orientation, each walk is accompanied by a map excerpt on a scale of 1:50,000. Comprehensive introductory chapters familiarise the reader with this exciting archipelago, and several tips on special features and sights complete this excellent guide, which is a must in your suitcase.

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