• Publié pour la première fois à Paris en 1785, cet ouvrage constitue une encyclopédie des États-Unis d'Amérique au lendemain de la guerre d'Indépendance, écrite par un témoin et acteur majeur de l'histoire de la jeune nation. Animé par l'esprit scientifique des Lumières autant que par la passion politique, Jefferson dresse le portrait d'une Virginie conçue à l'image du pays tout entier. Mêlant fierté patriotique et vigilance citoyenne, il entendait non seulement légitimer l'indépendance du nouvel État mais conforter son expérience démocratique.
    Traduit une première fois en français en 1786 dans une version qui suscita la colère de Jefferson, version devenue rapidement indisponible et jamais rééditée depuis, ce texte fondamental de Jefferson bénéficie d'une traduction entièrement nouvelle et conduite avec toute la rigueur requise, ainsi que d'une étude détaillée qui donnera enfin au public français accès au contexte historique et à la pensée de l'une des plus grandes figures de l'histoire intellectuelle et politique des États-Unis.

  • Were Thomas Jefferson alive to read this book, he would recognize every sentence, every elegant turn of phrase, every lofty, beautifully expressed idea. Indeed, every word in the book is his. In an astonishing feat of editing, Eric S. Petersen has culled the entirety of Thomas Jefferson@95@#8217;s published works to fashion thirty-four original essays on themes ranging from patriotism and liberty to hope, humility, and gratitude. The result is a lucid, inspiring distillation of the wisdom of one of America@95@#8217;s greatest political thinkers.@16@@16@From his personal motto@95@#8212;@95@#8220;Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God@95@#8221;@95@#8212;to his resounding discourse on @95@#8220;life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness@95@#8221; in the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson defined the essential truth of the American spirit. In the essays that Petersen has crafted from letters, speeches, and public documents, Jefferson@95@#8217;s unique moral philosophy and vision shine through. Among the hundreds of magnificent sentences gathered in this volume, here are Jefferson@95@#8217;s pronouncements on@16@@16@@20@Gratitude:@21@ @95@#8220;I have but one system of ethics for men and for nations@95@#8212;@16@to be grateful, to be faithful to all engagements and under all circumstances, to be open and generous.@95@#8221;@16@@16@@20@Religion:@21@ @95@#8220;A concern purely between our God and our consciences.@95@#8221;@16@@16@@20@America@95@#8217;s national character:@21@ @95@#8220;It is part of the American character to consider nothing as desperate; to surmount every difficulty with resolution and contrivance.@95@#8221;@16@@16@@20@Public debt:@21@ @95@#8220;We shall all consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle posterity with our debts, and morally bound to pay them ourselves.@95@#8221;@16@@16@@20@War:@21@ @95@#8220;I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind.@95@#8221;@16@@16@In stately measured cadences, these thirty-four essays provide timeless guidance on leading a spiritually fulfilling life@20@. Light and Liberty@21@ is a triumphant work of supreme eloquence, as uplifting today as when Jefferson first set these immortal sentences on paper.@16@@16@@16@@18@From the Hardcover edition.@19@

  • Jefferson's chronicle of the natural, social, and political history of Virginia is at once a scientific discourse, an attempt to define America, and a brilliant examination of the idea of freedom.

  • A uniquely attractive, compact edition of Thomas Jefferson's classic abridgment of the Bible, in which Jefferson sculpted the words and ideas of Christ into a resounding moral philosophy. "To the corruptions of Christianity I am indeed opposed; but not to the genuine precepts of Jesus himself." -Thomas Jefferson, 1803 With these words, written to a personal friend, Thomas Jefferson began one of the most audacious religious experiments in American history. On and off for the next seventeen years (including his term in the White House), Jefferson cut and pasted the philosophy of Jesus Christ, as recorded in Scripture, into one compact statement. He purposefully omitted any references to the virgin birth, miraculous healings, demonic possession, or supernatural events of any kind. His aim was to distinguish the moral philosophy of Christ from the religion that was later created around Christ. This hardcover replica of The Jefferson Bible restores to print a handsome, immensely accessible version of Jefferson's manifesto as it was published for general readers in 1940 by Grosset & Dunlap. This volume includes the original 1940 foreword by editor Douglas E. Lurton, which provides an engaging introduction to the history behind Jefferson's effort. Jefferson's selections are beautifully recomposed in a dignifi ed yet pleasing style for a gem of compactness and clarity.

  • Includes A Summary View of the Rights of British America and Notes on the State of Virginia complete; seventy-nine letters; "Response to the Citizens of Albemarle," 1790; "Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank," 1791; and many other writings.

  • Overdose and poisoning are one of the most frequent acute medical presentations seen in emergency departments, and high dependency and intensive care facilities. The Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology provides an authoritative guide for the management of patients with poisoning. Each chapter includes key clinical features and potential treatment options to help physicians to assess the potential severity of the poisoned patient and provide the optimumclinical care. A reader-friendly layout ensures that information is easy to find and assimilate, and topics are self-contained to aid quick diagnosis. Presented in an easy-to-use double-page spread format, highly bulleted and concise, the Oxford Desk Reference: Toxicology is ideal for quick referral when an acute problem arises. Contributions from the leading figures in toxicology make this book indispensable for all those involved with the management of poisoned patients, especially trainees and consultants working in emergency medicine, acute medicine, and critical care.

  • The most comprehensive one-volume selection of Jefferson ever published. Contains the "Autobiography," "Notes on the State of Virginia," public and private papers, including the original and revised drafts of the Declaration of Independence, addresses, and 287 letters.