Robert Wilson

  • The final psychological thriller featuring Javier Falcon, the tortured detective from 'The Hidden Assassins' and 'The Blind Man of Seville.'

  • The gripping new psychological thriller featuring Javier Falcon, the tortured detective from 'The Silent and the Damned' and 'The Blind Man of Seville.'

  • This stunning, atmospheric thriller set in war-torn Europe won the CWA Gold Dagger and has now been reissued with the Javier Falcon series.

  • The powerful second psychological thriller featuring Javier Falcon, the complex detective from 'The Blind Man of Seville'.At seven years old, Mario Vega faces a terrible tragedy - his parents are dead in an apparent suicide pact.But Inspector Javier Falcon has his doubts. In the brutal heat of a Seville summer, he dissects the disturbing life of the boy's father, Rafael Vega. His investigation draws threats from the Russian mafia whose corruption reaches deep into the city. He questions a creative American couple with a destructive past and uncovers the misery of a famous actor whose only son is in prison for an appalling crime.More suicides follow and one of them is a senior policeman. As a forest fire rages through the hills above the city Falcon must sweat out the truth that connects it all - and find the final secret in the dark heart of Vega's life.

  • An evocative and atmospheric thriller set along the part of the African coast they used to call the White Man's Grave, The Big Killing is the second novel to feature Bruce Medway

  • NOW A MAJOR TV DRAMA ON SKY ATLANTIC. The first crime novel in Robert Wilson's Seville series, featuring the tortured detective Javier Falcon.

  • Energetic, thoughtful first in a new series . . . Fans of intelligent thrillers will eagerly await the next installment." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review Alyshia DCruz, daughter of Indian tycoon Frank DCruz, has grown up in London and Mumbai wanting for nothing. After a boozy evening out, she gets in the wrong cab home. Enter Charles Boxer. Ex-army, ex-police, he has found his niche in private security. His specialty: kidnap and recovery. When DCruz hires Boxer to find Alyshia, Boxer knows Franks crooked business empire has made him plenty of enemies. Despite the vast DCruz fortune, the kidnappers dont want cash, instead favoring a cruel and lethal game. But the British government doesnt want its big new investor to lose his daughter in the heart of the capital. The MI6 office in India follows Boxers lead, and soon it seems more lives than Alyshias are at stake as the trail crosses paths with a terrorist plot on British soil. To save Alyshia, Boxer must dodge religious fanatics, Indian mobsters, and Londons homegrown crime lords. Capital Punishment is a thrilling journey to the dark side of people and places that lie just out of view, waiting for the moment to tear a life apart.

  • A suspicious suicide calls Javier Falcón to a wealthy neighborhood on the outskirts of Seville in this sensational follow-up to Robert Wilson's thriller The Blind Man of Seville. Falcón begins to investigate a case with no solid evidence when suddenly, in quick succession, two more suicides occur-one of them a fellow police officer in the sex crimes unit. Left to discover what made life so unbearable for these victims, Falcón must find the connection among the suicides. As his investigation deepens, so too does suspicion that perhaps these deaths aren't suicides after all, and the mystery takes a shocking, explosive turn.

  • From the author of the national bestseller A Small Death in Lisbon and The Company of Strangers comes Wilson's compelling first novel, never before available in the United States. Bruce Medway's existence as a fixer and troubleshooter had been tough, but never life-threatening until he crossed paths with the mighty Madame Severnou. His life becomes even more complicated by his search for a missing fellow expat, Steven Kershaw. Against a backdrop of political disruption and endemic official corruption, Medway pursues the elusive phantom of Kershaw.
    Instruments of Darkness powerfully evokes the atmosphere, politics, and people of West Africa. With Medway's ironic voice, flashes of humor that may recall Raymond Chandler, and unforgettable characters, this compulsively readable thriller is the beginning of a remarkable series.

  • When schoolgirls begin to disappear on the West African coast, "troubleshooter" Bruce Medway tries to remain detached. Meanwhile, he reluctantly acquires a new job from former nemesis and mafia capo Franconelli. Franconelli gives Bruce forty-eight hours to find a French trader, Mariner, whom not even the mafia has been able to track. Yet as Bruce sets out on his assignment, he is unable to remain disconnected from the mysterious schoolgirl disappearances, and finds that girls, gold, and greed are all interconnected; corruption abounds everywhere. There are no safe havens for Bruce in this situation, and he must devise a scam that risks everything in order to stay alive.
    A brilliant follow-up to Blood is Dirt, and the fourth novel in the Bruce Medway series, A Darkening Stain takes Bruce Medway into the darkest territory of West Africa yet.
    A Harvest Original

  • The award-winning author of A Small Death in Lisbon brings an exciting richness to the long shadow of evil in this crackling new novel of spycraft and international intrigue.
    Lisbon, 1944:
    Andrea Aspinall, plucked out of academia by British intelligence so that her mathematical knowledge might help in the hunt for atomic secrets, disappears under a new identity in Lisbon, where such secrets are easily bought and sold.
    Karl Voss, already experienced in the illusions of intrigue when he arrives in Lisbon, is an attache at the German Legation, though he is secretly working against the Nazis to rescue Germany from annihilation.
    After a night of terrible violence, Andrea creates a family for herself from Voss's memory and the clandestine world they knew. In Portugal, in England, and in the chilly world of Cold War Berlin, she discovers that the deepest secrets aren't held by governments-and that death is a relative term. In The Company of Strangers, Robert Wilson takes the chilling irony of "secret intelligence" to a new and more poignant human level, as he shows that the heart is both more knowing and more secretive than the mind.

  • The gripping new psychological thriller featuring Javier Falcon, the tortured detective from 'The Silent and the Damned' and 'The Blind Man of Seville.'

  • Enter into a treacherous world in West Africa, where British expatriate Bruce Medway, a clandestine "troubleshooter" and debt collector, finds himself unexpectedly immersed in toxic waste scams and mafia crime when a job for his newest client turns out to involve more than the recovery of two million dollars. But Napier, the client, isn't the worst of Bruce's problems; that falls to Selina, Napier's seductive daughter, who wants more than money--she is out for revenge. In his attempt to help Selina, Bruce delves into more danger than he bargained for.
    Nothing is static in this intense plot-driven novel where truth is murky and motives are hidden.While Bruce is no stranger to lies, deceit, and crime, he has never met anyone like Selina and her cohorts. And even though Selina is alluring, not even love can change the fact that in this world, blood is dirt.
    A Harvest Original

  • Called to a gruesome crime scene, Inspector Javier Falcón is shocked and sickened by what he finds. Littered like flower petals on the victim's shirt are the man's own eyelids, evidence of a heinous crime with no obvious motive. When the investigation leads him to read his late father's journals, he discovers a disturbing and sordid past. Meanwhile, more victims are falling. While Falcón struggles to solve the case, he finds the missing section of his father's journal-and becomes the murderer's next intended victim.Combining suspenseful storytelling with a thoughtful exploration of the human psyche, The Blind Man of Seville confirms bestselling and award-winning author Robert Wilson as one of the greatest literary mystery writers working today.

  • An evocative and atmospheric thriller set along the part of the African coast they used to call the White Man's Grave, The Big Killing is the second novel to feature Bruce Medway

  • As a sweltering Seville recovers from the shock of a terrorist attack, Inspector Jefe Javier Falcón is struggling to find the bombers. The death of a gangster in a spectacular car crash offers vital evidence implicating the Russian mafia in his investigation, but it pitches Falcón into the heart of a turf war over prostitution and drugs. Now the target of vicious hoods, Falcón finds those closest to him are also coming under intolerable pressure: his best friend, who's spying for the Spanish government, reveals that he is being blackmailed by Islamist extremists, and Falcón's own lover suffers a mother's worst nightmare. He might be able to bring the perpetrators of the bombing to justice, but there will be a devastating price to pay.

  • Anglais Stealing People

    Robert Wilson

    • Europa
    • 7 June 2016

    Book 3 in the Charles Boxer Series Charlie Boxer, an expert at solving kidnappings, and his ex-wife Detective Mercy Dunqah are tasked with taking down a bold and heartless crime syndicate responsible for the abduction of six children. Two years after the events of You Will Never Find Me (Europa, 2015), Boxer is contemplating retirement. He has found a measure of contentment even as a mystery from his own past gnaws at his sense of justice. Mercy balances a complicated personal life with an even more precarious professional one in the woefully under-resourced metropolitan police department. Both are suddenly pulled back into service when six children of wealthy families vanish, taken by a ruthlessly efficient organization with a single astonishing demand. Investigators stymied and time expiring, they seem set on a calamitous course. Trapped, off-balance, and with little left to lose they plunge into a cauldron of warring intelligence agencies, morally destitute billionaires, and human traffickers, coming finally to a fateful Moroccan reckoning that will forever change them. The latest entry in Robert Wilson’s acclaimed Charlie Boxer series, Stealing People is both topical and thrilling. Wilson unravels a convincing web of international intrigue in a world where heroism may breed vice and virtue is an accidental byproduct of crime.

  • This sterling collection of original, never-before-published essays on six fascinating contemporary presidents by some of the leading presidential biographers of our time is must reading for anyone interested in American politics, the history of the American presidency, or the lives of the presidents. Each essay extending and elaborating on lectures originally delivered as part of the Montgomery Lecture Series at Dartmouth University explores how a particular president came to power, wielded power, and was changed by power, and how each presidency affected the power of the office itself. The presidencies addressed are those of Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan, and Clinton. Published as our nation begins the process of electing the 43rd president, during a time when some believe the independence of the office itself is at stake, Power and the Presidency is a timely and thought-provoking look at the nature of power in American democracy.

  • La vie de Tyler Dupree est inextricablement liée à celle des jumeaux Lawton, Diane et Jason. Ils étaient ensemble la nuit où la Terre a été coupée du reste de l'univers par une mystérieuse barrière opaque à l'extérieur de laquelle le temps s'écoule des millions de fois plus vite. Il ne reste donc plus que quelques décennies avant que le Soleil ne transforme la Terre en une boule de feu, exterminant ainsi l'humanité. Jason n'a alors plus qu'un but dans la vie : comprendre pourquoi et par qui la barrière a été installée.
    Spin est un roman de science-fiction vertigineux qui réussit le pari de nous transporter dans un futur lointain qui reste familier. Une réussite couronnée aux États-Unis par la plus haute distinction de la science-fiction, le prix Hugo, et en France par le Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire.

  • Clochard surdoué à l'humour féroce, SDF arrogant, Ripley Bogle, vingt-deux ans, a le froid et la faim pour compagnes et connaît Londres comme sa poche. La solitude et l'errance aiguisant sa mémoire, il livre le récit - plus ou moins fiable - des événements qui l'ont conduit dans la rue : une enfance dans un quartier ouvrier catholique de Belfast dans les années 1980, un bref passage à Cambridge, quelques rencontres décisives... Le premier roman de l'auteur culte d'Eureka Street.

  • Pour cinq ans seulement, jusqu'en 1877, la cité de Futurity dresse ses immenses tours jumelles au-dessus des grandes plaines de l'Illinois. Depuis Futurity, des hommes du futur viennent visiter le XIXe siècle. Et, contre une fortune en métaux précieux, les autochtones peuvent dormir dans la Tour n° 1, véritable vitrine technologique d'un incompréhensible XXIe siècle. C'est dans cette cité que travaille, comme agent de sécurité, Jesse Cullum, un autochtone. Parce qu'il a sauvé le président Ulysses Grant d'une tentative d'assassinat, Jesse se voit proposer une promotion : assisté d'une femme du XXIe siècle, il va devoir mener l'enquête.
    Mais que va-t-il réellement découvrir? Un complot pour tuer le président... ou les inavouables secrets de Futurity ?

    Après avoir imaginé le futur des réseaux sociaux dans Les Affinités, Robert Charles Wilson revient avec ce roman de voyage dans le temps où les surprises s'enchaînent à un rythme vertigineux.

  • Lorsque Manfred se découvre une douleur inconnue au bas du ventre, il devine immédiatement ce qu'elle présage mais décide de ne pas tenter de la soulager et de n'en parler à personne. Pas même à Emma, son épouse qui l'a quitté il y a vingt ans mais qu'il continue tout de même à rencontrer une fois par mois sur le même banc du même jardin public. Dans une veine plus intimiste que Ripley Bogle, Robert McLiam Wilson signe avec ce roman le portrait complexe et émouvant d'un homme qui, au crépuscule de sa vie, cherche dans la douleur la clé d'une rédemption sans doute impossible.