Michael Schmidt

  • Le présent ouvrage réaffirme l'importance historique et la portée planétaire de l'anarchisme organisé, en retraçant sa diffusion au-delà des frontières de l'Europe occidentale et de l'Amérique du Nord, vers l'Amérique latine, les Antilles, le Proche-Orient, l'Asie, l'Océanie et l'Afrique. Il raconte ainsi plus de 150 ans d'histoire d'un mouvement dont le destin a suivi cinq vagues de militantisme ouvrier. L'auteur présente et commente les documents théoriques fondamentaux produits au cours de ces cinq vagues pour tenter de répondre à la question qui s'impose à tous ceux qui aspirent à une véritable démocratie populaire : comment la minorité militante doit-elle se situer par rapport aux masses des ouvriers et des démunis ?

  • Cette rétrospective retrace toute la carrière du photographe berlinois Michael Schmidt et accompagne une grande exposition présentée à Berlin puis au Jeu de Paume (printemps 2021), à Madrid et à Vienne. Avec les séries Waffenruhe (1987), Ein-heit (1996), Lebensmittel (2012) ainsi que des images inédites, des maquettes de livres et des documents de travail, elle illustre la position unique du photographe allemand autodidacte, qui n'a cessé d'expérimenter de nouvelles manières de photographier pour chaque série.

  • Anglais Natur

    Michael Schmidt

    Michael Schmidt fait partie de ces artistes qui photographient le paysage de manière frontale. La densité de ses images aux cadrages serrés, renforcée par le choix du noir et blanc, nous fait entrer avec lui dans la nature.

  • A dazzling literary exploration by acclaimed poet and critic Michael Schmidt, The First Poets brings to life for the general reader the great Greek poets who gave our poetic tradition its first bearings and whose works have had an enduring influence on our literature and our imagination.
    Starting with the legendary and possibly mythical Orpheus and with Homer, Schmidt conjures a host of our literary forebears. From Hipponax, "the dirty old man of poetry," to Theocritus, the father of pastoral; from Sappho, who threw herself from a cliff for love, to Hesiod, who claimed a visit from the Muses-the stories in The First Poets masterfully merge fact and conjecture into animated and compelling portraits of these ancestors of our culture.
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  • For two decades New Poetries has been a proving-ground for new poets in English from around the world. Here readers first encountered, in generous selections, work by, among others, Caroline Bird, Stephen Burt, Sophie Hannah, Emma Jones, Nicole Krauss, Patrick McGuinness, Kei Miller, David Morley, Sinéad Morrissey, Togara Muzanenhamo, Matthew Welton and Jane Yeh. Published from Manchester, the anthologies overlook national borders, instead providing vistas across a worldscape.

  • 'With this, the sixth New Poetries,' write the editors, 'the anthology series comes of age. It is twenty-one years since New Poetries I set the pattern, introducing new and relatively new writers, among them Sophie Hannah, Vona Groarke and Miles Champion, three poets so different that their art had to go into the plural.' And there it has stayed: there is no common descriptor for the work of Sinéad Morrissey, Patrick McGuinness and Matthew Welton (II); Caroline Bird, David Morley, Togara Muzanenhamo and Jane Yeh (III); Kei Miller (IV); and Tara Bergin, Oli Hazzard, Katharine Kilalea and William Letford (V), among many others. New Poetries has never identified a 'school' or a 'generation': the poets refuse to conform to any common cause, form or idiom, though they share a richly diversified language, English, and participate in traditions that are formally alive. To paraphrase the Scottish poet W. S. Graham, a tutelary spirit of the series, these poems provide 'moments of disturbance' in the language. Poets featured in this volume: Nic Aubury, Vahni Capildeo, John Clegg, Joey Connolly, Brandon Courtney, Adam Crothers, Tom Docherty, Caoilinn Hughes, J. Kates, Eric Langley, Nyla Matuk Duncan Montgomery, André Naffis-Sahely, Ben Rogers, Lesley Saunders, Claudine Toutoungi, David Troupes, Molly Vogel, Rebecca Watts, Judith Willson, and Alex Wong.

  • Michael Schmidt's anthology includes the work of more than a hundred poets from every part of the English-speaking world. What links their diverse voices is a common language: each poem, in its own way, adds to the resources of the medium and makes it new.

    The poems in this book are allowed to slip free of their moorings in the biography and history of the last century to create new spaces and times. They have been chosen because they are exceptional, profound and unique in what they do to language, regardless of their subject matter or the orientation of the poet. It is a powerful reminder that in the twentieth century poems did what they have never done before, and it provides us with a unique insight into the forces that will shape the poetry of the twenty-first century.




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  • Designing application and middleware software to run in concurrent and networked environments is a significant challenge to software developers. The patterns catalogued in this second volume of Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures (POSA) form the basis of a pattern language that addresses issues associated with concurrency and networking. The book presents 17 interrelated patterns ranging from idioms through architectural designs. They cover core elements of building concurrent and network systems: service access and configuration, event handling, synchronization, and concurrency. All patterns present extensive examples and known uses in multiple programming languages, including C++, C, and Java. The book can be used to tackle specific software development problems or read from cover to cover to provide a fundamental understanding of the best practices for constructing concurrent and networked applications and middleware. About the Authors
    This book has been written by the award winning team responsible for the first POSA volume "A System of Patterns", joined in this volume by Douglas C. Schmidt from University of California, Irvine (UCI), USA.
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  • These proceedings contain 25 papers, which are the peer-reviewed versions of presentations made at the 1st International Workshop on the Quality of Geodetic Observation and Monitoring (QuGOMS'11), held 13 April to 15 April 2011 in Garching, Germany. The papers were drawn from five sessions which reflected the following topic areas: (1) Uncertainty Modeling of Geodetic Data, (2) Theoretical Studies on Combination Strategies and Parameter Estimation, (3) Recursive State-Space Filtering, (4) Sensor Networks and Multi Sensor Systems in Engineering Geodesy, (5) Multi-Mission Approaches With View to Physical Processes in the Earth System. 

  • This handbook presents the basic aspects of actuarial loss reserving. Besides the traditional methods, it also includes a description of more recent ones and a discussion of certain problems occurring in actuarial practice, like inflation, scarce data, large claims, slow loss development, the use of market statistics, the need for simulation techniques and the task of calculating best estimates and ranges of future losses.

    In property and casualty insurance the provisions for payment obligations from losses that have occurred but have not yet been settled usually constitute the largest item on the liabilities side of an insurer's balance sheet. For this reason, the determination and evaluation of these loss reserves is of considerable economic importance for every property and casualty insurer. 

    Actuarial students, academics as well as practicing actuaries will benefit from this overview of the most important actuarial methods of loss reserving by developing an understanding of the underlying stochastic models and how to practically solve some problems which may occur in actuarial practice.

  • Emerging to the forefront of sustainable production and consumption are a promising and rapidly evolving concept known as Voluntary Standard Systems (VSS). They encompass the three pillars of sustainability - social, environmental and economic aspects and consequently they can be considered as a tool, which makes sustainable development visible. Currently, they are becoming a significant element in international trade and in the promotion of sustainable development strategies, especially in the context of globalised markets and supply chains.This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the current VSS concepts: from their nature and functioning, to the future outlook for their development. It places VSS in the broader context of global development issues and challenges, including development policy and international sustainability commitments, progress towards achieving `green economy' and meeting climate protection targets. The volume contains also a representative selection of case studies which demonstrate their wide range of application in different sectors of the economy.

  • The causes and effects of climate change are just as varied as the proposed solutions and approaches for dealing with the problem. Given the global character of climate change, comprehensive global cooperation is called for that leads to effective and appropriate international action in accordance with the respective responsibilities. These will inevitably differ depending on the capabilities and the social and economic situations of the respective actors.
    The contributions in this book present a variety of ideas, approaches and tools regarding the adaptation to climate change in specific countries and regions. In addition to examining (existing) legal instruments, they also focus on the implementation of economic instruments and planning tools, as well as their (further) development. Rather than simply discussing strategies to counteract climate change by reducing emissions, the authors also search for ways of actively adapting to climate change.

  • This volume sheds new light on the refugees and forced migration at the Horn of Africa and East Africa. Adopting a multidisciplinary perspective, it traces historical, structural, and geopolitical factors to reveal the often brutal uprooting of people in a region that hosts more than three million refugees and almost six million internally displaced persons (IDPs). By doing so, it enriches our understanding of the socio-economic, geopolitical and humanitarian causes and implications of migration and population displacement.
    The book is divided into five parts, focusing on different drivers of involuntary displacement and people's uprooting: The first part covers geopolitical conflicts rooted partly in the colonial and Cold War geographies. The second part then focuses on security aspects and conflicts, while the third looks at encampment and refugee policies as well as refugee agencies. Part four highlights issues of forced repatriation and human trafficking. Lastly, part five analyzes the dynamics of refugee camps.

  • This book provides surgeons with important insights into laser technologies as well as a sound understanding of their current and potential applications within oral and maxillofacial surgery and related disciplines. The opening chapters focus on the relevant physical background, the technology of the typically used lasers, laser-tissue interactions, and the treatment systems. Detailed information is then provided on the various established applications of laser treatments, including in relation to skin and mucosa and the dental hard tissues and bone. Special applications are also described, for example with respect to periodontal surgery, peri-implantitis therapy, photodynamic treatment, holography and additive manufacturing. The book closes by examining technologies that will soon be available for application in hospitals, topics which are currently the subject of research, and laser safety. Beyond surgeons, the book will be of value for engineers and scientists working in the field of medical engineering using lasers. 

  • Dieses essential stellt fundiert und praxisorientiert die Grundlagen von CRM in der Public Cloud dar. Das Autoren-Team gibt einen grundlegenden Einblick in das Cloud-Computing basierte Customer Relation Management und zeigt auf, welche Faktoren die Kombination der beiden beeinflussen. Sie erfahren, wie ein Public-Cloud-CRM-System eingeführt werden kann, worauf dabei zu achten ist und welche Systeme schon existieren.

  • Warehouse Management Systeme sind State of the Art in der innerbetrieblichen Materialflusskontrolle. Neben den elementaren Funktionen einer Lagerverwaltung wie Mengen- und Lagerplatzverwaltung, Frdermittelsteuerung und -disposition gehren auch Methoden und Mittel zur Kontrolle der Systemzustände sowie Betriebs- und Optimierungsstrategien dazu.Dem Buch liegt eine CD-ROM mit einem voll lauffähigen WMS bei (Open Source). Die zugehrige Simulationsumgebung ermglicht den autarken Betrieb auf einem Standard-PC (Windows).

  • Value chains are a vital part of how our world operates, yet we are only beginning to understand how to make them sustainable. This volume addresses the crux of that challenge by presenting a broad array of options for understanding and managing the complexity of sustainability initiatives that affect, and are also influenced by value chains. Its chapters present diverse perspectives on both political and private sector governance, including governmental regulations and private standards, and embrace the emergent and critical value of innovative approaches to monitoring and evaluating progress. Finally, the volume offers a review of concrete examples for transformation and transition towards more sustainable value chains in selected sectors, including, amongst others, agriculture, forestry, mining, and tourism.

  • Materialflusssysteme als Symbiose aus betrieblicher Organisation und physischer, frdertechnischer Umsetzung stehen im Mittelpunkt dieses Grundlagenwerks der Intralogistik. Zahlreiche Tabellen, Grafiken und technische Daten sowie eine Fülle von Systembeispielen und Auswahlmglichkeiten liefern dem Leser einen vollständigen Überblick über die wesentlichen Komponenten der Frder- und Lagertechnik. Die Gestaltung effizienter Materialflusssysteme setzt Kenntnisse über den Stand der heute verfügbaren Technologien für die vielfältigen Materialflussoperationen und deren Wechselwirkungen in den zahlreichen Anwendungen voraus. Beim Abwägen der großen Auswahl an Gestaltungsmglichkeiten, die aus den vielen Technologien hervorgeht, steht dieses Buch sowohl Studierenden als auch Praktikern, Planern und Entscheidern zur Seite. Eine Einführung in die Planung und analytische Berechnung von Materialflusssystemen vervollständigt den grundlegenden Überblick über die Komponenten zur Erfüllung der zentralen logistischen Funktionen, Dinge zu lagern, zu transportieren, zusammenzuführen und zu verteilen.

  • With a Foreword by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani.
    This book sheds light on the political dynamics within the EU member states and contributes to the discussions about Europe. Authors from all member states as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey assess how their country could get more involved in the European debate, taking the reader on a journey through various political landscapes and different views. The chapters cover issues ranging from a perceived lack of ambition at the periphery to a careful balancing act between diverse standpoints at the geographical centre. Yet, discussions share common features such as the anxiety regarding national sovereignty, the migration and border discourse, security concerns as well as the obvious need to regain trust and create policies that work. The book contributes vigorously to the debate about Europe in all capitals and every corner of the continent, because this is where its future will be decided.

  • The book will present the progress made since the last meeting in fall 2013 concerning the analysis of circulating extra-cellular nucleic acids. There are a modest number of laboratories involved in this field, nevertheless the number of papers published by researchers is extensive. The articles which will be published in this meeting report will be a valuable contribution for researchers and research students alike and will help them to stay on top of the developments in different research areas and to "cross borders" between them.